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Digital Radiography

At Mt. Scott Family Dental, we use digital radiography instead of traditional radiography to more accurately diagnose your dental needs. 

While traditional radiography has helped generations of dentists provide excellent care, it comes with significant drawbacks when compared to its digital counterpart.

First, traditional radiography exposes patients to significant amounts of radiation. But because digital radiography uses just a small sensor to capture images of your mouth, radiation exposure is dramatically reduced by up to 90 percent.

Second, traditional X-rays have to be developed with harmful chemicals, and the results can only be displayed on a small lightboard. Compare this with the process using digital radiography: Once our digital sensor has collected the information we need, it can be viewed immediately on a nearby monitor. There's no need for harmful chemicals, and the results are easier to view. They can even be highlighted to make explaining your dental needs easier.

The third great problem with traditional radiography is that the results had to be physically stored somewhere. With digital radiography, there's no need for extra physical storage. Instead, we can save a digital copy of your X-rays for easy reference later on.

Do you have questions about digital radiography? Don't hesitate to call Mt. Scott Family Dental. Our team is always happy to help new and returning patients any way they can.