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Inlays and Onlays

If you have a big filling you need to replace, do you need a full crown? Not necessarily. At Mt. Scott Family Dental, we also offer inlays and onlays. These conservative options fit onto a tooth much like a filling does, yet they're milled like a crown.

Inlays are design to fit between the bumps on top of a tooth (which are called cusps) while onlays are made to fit over one or more cusps. Using either one of these solutions, our Happy Valley team can help you retain more of your tooth's natural structure.

Is an Inlay or Onlay Right for Me?

During a consultation, Dr. Nomie or Dr. Donnelly will help you determine whether an inlay or onlay is truly the best solution for you. Because they're created in a lab, treatment typically takes at least two visits.

During your first visit, we'll prepare your tooth by removing your old filling or any decay. We'll also take a digital impression of your tooth, which our lab will use to create your custom-made restoration. In most cases, our lab will make a white restoration for you. A metal inlay/onlay may be necessary, however, if you're restoring one of your back teeth.

During your second visit, we'll remove your temporary restoration and permanently cement your final inlay or onlay into place. After polishing and modifying it as necessary, you'll enjoy your stronger, healthier smile for years to come.